ABS Material For Plastic Prototyping

2022-09-19 15:32:00

ABS is one of the five major synthetic resins which has been widely used for plastic prototyping. It has excellent impact resistance, heat resistance, low temperature resistance, chemical resistance and electrical properties. It also has the characteristics of easy processing, stable product dimensions, and good surface gloss. It can also be used for secondary processing such as metal spraying, electroplating, welding, hot pressing and bonding. It is widely used in machinery prototype, automobiles  prototype, electronic appliances prototype, instruments prototype, textiles  prototype and construction and other industrial fields  prototype . thermoplastic engineering plastics prototype.

ABS resin structure

ABS material, also known as ABS engineering plastic, is opaque and ivory-colored granules in appearance, and its products can be colored with high gloss. The relative density of ABS is about 1.05, and the water absorption rate is low. ABS has good bonding with other materials, and is easy to surface printing, coating and plating. The oxygen index of ABS is 18 to 20. It is a flammable polymer. The flame is yellow, with black smoke and a special odor.

ABS resin is a yellowish solid with a certain toughness and a density of about 1.04~1.06 g/cm3. It has strong corrosion resistance to acids, alkalis and salts, and can also be dissolved in organic solvents to a certain extent. ABS resin can perform normally in the environment of -25 ℃ ~ 60 ℃, and has good formability, the surface of the processed product is smooth, easy to dye and electroplating. Therefore, it can be used for daily necessities such as home appliance shells and toys prototype. The common Lego building blocks are ABS products. ABS resin can be compounded with a variety of resins into blends, such as PC/ABS, ABS/PVC, PA/ABS, PBT/ABS, etc., resulting in new properties and new application fields, such as: mixing ABS resin and PMMA, can produces transparent ABS resin prototype.

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