CNC machining compare to SLA

2022-02-04 21:06:00

In terms of cost, because SLA technology cost is mainly related to the component weight, SLA cost is better than CNC for high-precision, thin-walled or hollow structure parts, and for heavy and heavy parts with relatively simple structure, CNC has an advantage. CNC Contrast is suitable for manufacturing various solid parts with simpler and thicker structures, while SLA technology is mainly suitable for the manufacture of various messy structures or parts with high construction period requirements.

CNC machining features:

      1. It needs to be programmed and processed according to the part data. Regarding the parts with a messy structure, the parts need to be split and processed, and then bonded and assembled after the processing is completed;

      2. Demand planning and use of fixtures during processing. Regarding the split parts with large specifications and messy structure, in order to ensure the accuracy of splicing, it is also necessary to consider planning a special inspection tool;

      3. The material uses real materials, and can be directly processed with various materials such as ABS, acrylic, PP and even metal. The generalized mechanical function of the material is higher than the SLA skill.


SLA processing (3D printing) features:

1. It has high technical flexibility and can end the manufacturing of very messy parts at one time, and its manufacturing cost and manufacturing speed have nothing to do with the degree of messiness of the parts;

2. The manufacturing speed is fast, and the parallel processing of several parts can be manufactured together within the processing specifications of the equipment. It only takes a few hours to ten hours to complete the data from the data to the end of the part;

3, CAD/CAM seamless connection, CAD data can be directly machined and manufactured without data programming and parts splitting;

4. There is no need to consider the planning and application of inspection fixtures in the process of parts processing;

5. The resin material used is slightly less mechanically resistant and can reach the ABS-like level, but it cannot fully meet the function of the real material.

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