How To Check Your CNC prototype models Accuracy

2022-03-09 21:29:00
If the customer wants to do a relatively large prototype, it depends on its complexity. If the structure is relatively simple, the whole piece can be processed directly. The cost may be higher, but the performance of the prototype will also be better the accuracy also can meet higher; if the prototype is more complicated, it needs to be disassembled for processing. Although the disassembly is cheaper, it is not as strong as the whole process in terms of firmness and load-bearing capacity in the same time accuracy usually lower.

If the appearance prototype is to be made, it needs to be exactly the same as the drawing. This requires the prototype factory to pay more attention to the appearance treatment, especially the painting. There should be no deviation. 

Several factors that affect the machining accuracy of CNC prototype models

1. Dimensional accuracy refers to the degree of conformity between the actual size of the CNC machined part compare to the 2D drawing required size. Dimensional accuracy is controlled by dimensional tolerances. the smaller the dimensional tolerance and the higher the dimensional accuracy. 
2. Shape accuracy refers to the degree of conformity between the actual geometric shape of the CNC prototype models and the ideal geometric shape. There are six items for evaluating shape accuracy, including straightness, flatness, roundness, cylindricity, and line profile. The shape accuracy is controlled by the shape tolerance. The shape tolerances are divided into 12 precision levels except for roundness and cylindricity, which are divided into 13 precision levels. Level 1 is the highest and level 12 is the lowest. 
3.Position accuracy refers to the actual position accuracy difference between the relevant surfaces of the CNC prototype models. There are eight items for evaluating position accuracy, including parallelism, perpendicularity, inclination, coaxiality, symmetry, position, circular runout and full runout. The position accuracy is controlled by the position tolerance, and the position tolerance of each item is also divided into 12 level.
4.Tools: The tools used in CNC machines are generally tungsten steel tools,after used many times,the tools will wear out,so the tools also the factors.
Though CNC prototype machining to make prototypes is the most direct and effective way to find out the defects, deficiencies, and drawbacks of the designed products.after the bad parts are improved in stages, then it can be done low volume production, and finally mass production. 
Therefore, CNC machining prototype is the best way to check your design accuracy before large quantity production.

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