Do You Just Have Project Ready For CNC Turning ?

2022-07-11 19:44:00

With the continuous advancement of industrialization, in recent years, more and more companies tend to use CNC turnings. So do you know the advantages of CNC turning compared with traditional machining? In other words, do you know why you should choose the processing method of CNC turning?

First of all, the processing method of CNC turning is simplified, which greatly reduces the total number of tooling. Even complex parts can rely on the processing technology to change the appearance and specifications of the parts.

Secondly, the quality of CNC machining method is stable, and the precision is unmatched by traditional machine tools. In addition, under the condition of various types and batch production, the production efficiency is more, and the on-site management time can be greatly reduced.

In addition, CNC turning can effectively reduce production time and auxiliary time, shorten the processing cycle of semi-finished prototype, and maximize efficiency.

Finally, CNC turning can maintain a high degree of flexibility. common tools, fixtures, etc. for production, processing and disassembly are required on ordinary turning, but no further operations are required on CNC turning. At the same time, the CNC turning does not need to be adjusted frequently.

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