How to solve abnormal stress and deformation in CNC machining of aluminum alloy turning and milling

2023-08-03 16:17:00

During this period of time, we received an inquiry from a customer on the Internet for aluminum alloy turning and milling cnc processing. The product is an aluminum part with a diameter of 170MM; the surface needs to achieve the effect of an apple shell level, with an accuracy of 0.02mm, and the parallelism of the finished product is guaranteed to be 0.03 mm, same roundness 0.01mm. For cnc processing of aluminum parts, this precision is high in the industry standard, and more than 95% of the factories cannot do it! Besten have 12 years of professional aluminum alloy precision parts cnc processing, aluminum alloy turning and milling cnc processing, aluminum alloy shell, appearance parts processing experience, rich engineering experience, complete equipment, strict quality control process, if you encounter aluminum alloy turning and milling cnc processing Questions, welcome to consult us.

Because of the structural characteristics of the customer's product, in order to reduce the cost, we used the national standard 6061 aluminum tube for processing. During the first turning and milling cnc processing, the product has not been able to meet the drawing requirements. After many times of adjustment and replacement of materials, it was finally found that the pipe had a stress deformation during processing.

In order to ensure the customer's delivery date, when the national standard 6061 aluminum alloy tube material could not meet the requirements of the drawing, it was replaced with a solid material as soon as possible. After the first experience summary of 6061 aluminum alloy pipe material, we still found that the size was out of tolerance by 0.002mm when we used the three-dimensional inspection instrument to measure the first piece; at this time, we realized that the material stress still exists, and the normal process stress relief is the product. Place it in the natural state for a period of time; this affects our delivery time, we adopt the method of heat treatment of aluminum alloy to relieve stress, which solves the problem that the size cannot meet the requirements of the drawing due to the material.

After solving the size problem of aluminum alloy cnc turning and milling processing, we have encountered a new difficulty. How to solve the cumulative dimensional tolerance and clamping dimensional tolerance in CNC machining. During the SPC analysis of CNC processing, it was found that the dimensions of the manufactured products were unstable. We successively ruled out the unstable factors caused by the production process and fixtures. Finally, we found that the positioning reference dimension tolerance was too large, resulting in too large clamping tolerances for each product. . After changing the positioning point of the improved fixture, the abnormality of unstable machining of aluminum alloy turning and milling CNC for precision parts is solved.

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