what is the best material for transparent prototype

2022-02-04 21:03:00

In the prototype industry, the commonly used materials for making transparent prototypes are pc and PMMA (acrylic). Usually we encounter this problem: some customers have a habit of using PC transparent materials in the future mass production of this product, then the PC transparent material is also selected when it is required to make prototypes.

 So what materials should be used to make transparent prototypes? is it made according to the customer's requirements?

At this time, we should clarify its pros and cons with customers. The texture of PC material is relatively hard. In the later polishing and polishing process, it is very difficult to make the product as transparent as mass-produced goods. The spike model will be explained in detail here. Therefore, when making transparent prototypes, it is better not to choose pc transparent material but acrylic material. Let me explain it in detail below.


The picture above is a pc prototype

From the point of view of grinding and polishing, the PC prototype takes a long time, because its material is relatively hard, and some small places cannot be polished by hand at all. Even in places that are convenient for polishing, the time spent is more than that of PMMA. The prototype is long. On the contrary, it is much more convenient to use a soft acrylic material to make a transparent prototype.


The picture above shows the acrylic prototype


In terms of color and luster, the pc material is not completely transparent. If you carefully observe the prototype made of the pc material, you will find that its surface is purple. If you want it to be completely transparent, you need to soak it in the potion for a while. Time (this is a chemical reaction); and the acrylic material is completely transparent, so the acrylic prototype is already transparent after polishing, without any processing. There is a sentence that vividly explains the difference between the pc prototype and the acrylic prototype, that is, "the transparency of the pc prototype is through vapor polishing , and the transparency of the acrylic prototype is polished out".


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