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About Besten Prototyping

Besten Prototype was established in 2006 and is located in Dongguan, China. It is a manufacturer specializing in custom manufacturing. It mainly provides rapid prototyping of various metal and plastic parts and small batch vacuum casting or sheet metal processing and production, providing one-stop service of design assistance.

Our founder and core team have more than 20 years of experience in the CNC machining industry, especially the precision control of metal parts processing and the disassembly of large-structure plastic parts.With our advanced technology in rapid prototyping and high-quality team,Besten has always had excellent competitive advantages in the field of custom processing,

including CNC machining, vacuum casting and 3D printing to meet your various design needs.

We always put customer value as our mission and provide cost-effective solutions while respecting your specific design needs. In terms of quality control, we strictly follow ISO standards and are committed to making customized services to the world’s leading level. After more than ten years of hard working and through word-of-mouth from customers around the world, our customers have spread all over the world. Our customer groups range from independent inventors to industrial designers, covering various industries such as automobiles, aircrafts, and medical care etc.

Why Choose Us

1.Cost effective and quality guarrantee
30%-50% price lower than UK/USA and strictly quality checking before the delivery  
2.Fast turning and short lead time 
120 skilled manufacture engineers and 100 sets CNC machines 
working on 24 hours  
3.One stop shop and strictly keep NDA
From the programming,CNC machining to finally post finish Besten all can meet and strictly follow the NDA,never share the design without allow.
4.Professional and friendly service 
All the engineers have more than 10 years industry experience and project managers have professional training and assessment before the job.all the sales can freely English talking for all the require details .

Super Efficient

Strictly control the delivery time and respond one-to-one within 12 hours.

Deeply Committed

Get a deep understanding of your design and provide reasonable and feasible solutions

Highly Skilled

A technical team of 120+ people with more than 10 years of industry experience always ready to provide you most cost-effective solutions.

How Besten Help You

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CNC Rapid Prototyping

Apply the latest CNC rapid prototyping technologies to meet your design challenges and will work with you to validate and improve new product designs, functional testing and engineering validation. Our rapid prototyping services include CNC prototyping, plastic prototyping, vacuum casting, sheet metal prototyping and prototyping post finish.

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CNC Milling & Turning 5-Axis CNC Precision Machining

We are engaged in handling different requirements on custom machining.we are a one-stop cnc machine shop from prototype machining to CNC precision machining with more than 80 options for plastic and metal materials .we are always pursue high quality and fast delivery.

Vacuum Casting Small Quantity Plastic Prototypes

Vacuum casting (also known as polyurethane vacuum casting) is an economical alternative to small batch plastic parts and can be used to closely simulate the final molded part or finished product.Typically, molds are made of silicone rubber and use CNC or SLA parts as the mother mold.These molds can copy each structural detail and surface texture of the product, by turning the mold to copy another product, one silicon mold can cast about 10-15 parts.

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Sheet Metal Fabrication

Custom sheet metal prototyping services provide a fast and cost-effective solution to your project. Services include bending, stamping, and cutting standard gauge metal for prototype and low-volume production. Sheet metal fabrication produces durable end-use metal parts with a wide range of materials and post finishes to meet your specifications. The processed raw materials included stainless steel, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, brass, etc.Learn more.

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