Custom Manufacturing Service

custom your metal and plastic parts in a short time

3-axis and 5-axis high-precision machining

Our Services

CNC Machining

CNC Milling,CNC Turning ,Metal and Plastic prototyping

3D Printing

3D printing service,SLA,SLS,FDM

Vacuum Casting

Mold making ,soft rubber and solid parts,clear or unclear casting

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet metal cutting and bending service,Laser cutting

Clear Prototyping

Car lighting transparent prototyping,PC and PMMA clear polishing

Post Finishing

As machined,smooth machining,aluminum anodizing,blasting,powder coating etc

5 Steps To Get Your Design Into Production

1.Email us to share your 3D data ;

2.We check and feedback you within 12 hours;

3.Confirm all the detail and fianl data ;

4.We start the production;

5.We ship you after quality checking .


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Source Custom Parts From

Right Prototype Manufacturer

  • Fast lead times from 1 business day to one week
  • 80+ metals & plastics materials available.
  • Support on different surface finishes requriements;
  • Instant free quotes for 1-1.000 parts;

Besten as a professional prototype manufacturer in China,wecan guarantee to consistent providing qualified complexprototypes and end-use parts.we have a very broad range ofmanufacturing capabilities to machine the finest visual desigrmodels and engineering prototypes.whether for 1 pcs sampletesting or short-run lowvolume manufacturing services.we areall ready to provide you our best solutions and allow you to verifyyour design fully and help you to focus on the importantelements on product development.

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