At Besten we have been engaged in CNC machining service for more than 10 years,including CNC milling and CNC turning using different kinds of materials. We also providing related necessary supports for drilling,tapping and EDM.

Custom sheet metal prototyping services provide a fast and cost-effective solution to your project. Our sheet metal fabrication services include bending, stamping, and cutting standard gauge metal for prototype and low-volume production.

CNC machine aluminium is our passion and high precision parts are our speciality.accuracy ranges from +/-0.005″ (+/-0.125mm) to +/-0.001″ (0.025mm).our high speed 3-axis and 5-axis CNC machining centers and advanced knowledge helps us reach extremely tight tolerances, getting your aluminum parts out on schedule.

Vacuum casting (also known as polyurethane vacuum casting) is an economical alternative to small batch plastic parts and can be used to closely simulate the final molded part or finished product.Typically, molds are made of silicone rubber and use CNC or SLA parts as the mother mold.

We are a Chinese company professional on CNC machining of various plastic parts and metal parts,providing the best solutions for your high-precision requirements. Mainly engaged in CNC machining and precision machining of rapid prototype parts and low volume production through CNC machining or CNC turning.our rapid prototyping and rapid manufacturing service have serviced all around the world.

How Besten Prototype suggest to reduce the cost of CNC machined parts through structural design.

What Is The Role Of Prototyping In Automotive Design And Development Process?

We are professional prototype machining manufacture from China and providing custom prototype machining service to the global. we are serving to automotive,medical,design and engineer industries.we are always keeping our customers profile in the first position.

whether for handheld devices or large healthcare machines. we all can bringing them into market faster.

Drive product development and speed up innovation whether for clear automotive lighting prototyping or metal interial parts prototyping

From prototyping to production of internal parts to large external parts,help you from development to launch faster

No matter plastic part or a metal part, our advanced cnc machining technology will provide you with appropriate solutions for product development and help your new products enter the market smoothly.